Free Scores

Help yourself. Any mistakes/suggestions, please let me know.

Pieces for 5-course vihuela by Miguel de Fuenllana, put into French and Italian and ‘Guitar’ (Luys Milan-style) tablature – playable on a 5c guitar, especially if the lowest two courses have bourdons.

Christian Pezold – Two menuets (once attributed to JS Bach), arranged for dm lute Fronimo or PDF . Arto Wikla made an arrangement of my arrangement here for lutes in Renaissance tuning.

Piccinini – Theorbo music from his 1623 publication transcribed into French tablature
I’ve formatted the scores in two ways – horizontal PDF or Fronimo and vertical PDF or Fronimo

Robert Bremner’s ‘Instructions for the Guitar’, Edinburgh 1758, facsimile (by permission of Cardiff Central Library). For the so-called English Guitar

James Oswald’s ‘Twelve Divertimentis for the Guittar’, London 1759, facsimile (ditto).

Six pieces for chromatic cittern from the Macalman manuscript, Scotland c.1650

Twenty-three pieces for diatonic cittern from the Robert Edwards Commonplace Book, Scotland, c.1650

Vihuela scores – many pdf scores can be found on my vihuela pages

Baroque Guitar – pieces from Scottish lute manuscripts arranged for baroque guitar PDF or Fronimo