I’ve had a number of guitars in my life; starting with an Epiphone steel string acoustic that never got set up correctly. Neither did I have a case when I went to college and it got a nice crack in the body when I took it from my VW bus to a house in the dead of winter.

I gave that to a needier guy in our commune and found myself with a Yamaha nylon string classical guitar and, once again, no case. I had this for maybe 15 years, but when I got serious about bluegrass guitar I just had to get a steel string again.

So, I got a barely playable Suzuki steel string with no case. What was my problem? I didn’t even know about a humidifier either. This worked ok until I came across a brand new Washburn Special Edition with a case for $400 from a co-worker.

This was great, until I started playing in jams and nobody could hear me. This guitar had so little volume on the low end that I had to upgrade at some point.

I decided to buy a Gibson as soon as I had the cash and owed money to nobody. Well, I soon came across a like new Gibson Songwriter Special on consignment in Gunnison, Colorado. It was calling my name.

Now I play this all the time, except when traveling, when I bring my nice little Taylor GS Mini. This is perfect: nice tone, playable and it fits in the overhead of a plane.